Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Is your Cloud Secure?Security Vulnerabilities Discussed

With the rise of cloud computing users can seamlessly share data among different devices with ease.There are a number of cloud services available now as the enterprise or personal demand for effective data storage has increased. Users easily switch to or avail cloud services without thinking much about the security issues involved in the cloud.

Is your confidential data stored in the cloud secure? How vulnerable is your data cloud?

I'm trying to  address these two issues in this article


There are Possibilities of virus or malware infections even-though the cloud is equipped with Anti-Mal ware and Antivirus Technologies.As you may or will be sharing the hardware used by another user to access your data there are possibilities of external attacks focusing on this cloud characteristic.There are many formats of files uploaded to cloud there are chances that a file downloaded may be infectious because the cloud Antivirus may be outdated.
A cloud is based on mainly 3 components WebApplications and Services,Cryptography(layer) and the  virtualization technique used to give you the feeling that you are using your own system.These basic components have their own security vulnerabilities.

Stability and Integrity:
You give all your valuable data to a company and one day they say that that are going to close down.What will you do?You will say that i will take a backup,but if it is a sudden problem and all your data is lost?

You cannot rule out such possibilities even though slim.So you cannot trust any cloud provider 100%.Cloud Severs requires high computing power and high Up time in order meet your requirements ,it may not be met on all situations.


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